Book about Decision Tree Templates: The Thinking Manager’s Toolbox

Decision Tree Template For Thinking Managers in a book!

“The Thinking Manager’s Toolbox: Effective Processes for Problem Solving and Decision Making”

By: William J. Altier

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA,

240 pages

Templatesforlife Rating: Best in Decision Tree Templates and Analysis category

Focus of this book:

  • Decision Tree Templates and Analysis

  • Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning

Main Points of Decision Analysis for Decision Tree Template:

  • The root of the business failure is usually ineffective decision-making processes, and ultimately, bad decisions.
  • With the right set of tools and right people you can overcome any business problem
  • Even a meeting can be a productive tool for solving a problem
  • The major concept steps of Decision Tree Analysis and Template are:
    • Define the Decision Statement: purpose and level. A Decision Statement should start with a verb such as “select,”determine,” or “develop.” The choice of which of these three words to use can be important because it can have a subtle yet significant impact on the process.
    • Establish Objectives:  results, resources, checklists. An objective is a specific, singular description of a desired result or output to be achieved or avoided, or a desired resource or input to be used or avoided.
    • Value Objectives: weight.
    • Generate Alternatives for Decision Tree Template Analysis.
    • Compare and Choose: Satisfaction Scales, Weights x Scores, Total Weighted Scores.

When you need Decision Tree Analysis and Templates:

  • Selecting a location and an organization structure.
  • Determine how to stifle a cash flow problem that is threatening a division’s life.
  • Determine how to standardize widely varying accounting procedures in an organization’s worldwide operations.
  • Develop the optimum specifications for a new machine that will extend the product line’s range.
  • Decide which government agency should administer a new program.
  • Develop an order of attack to resolve a myriad of problems in a new acquisition.
  • Decide how to restructure manufacturing operations to eliminate excess capacity brought about by the implementation of a new technology.
  • Choose which competitors’ products to license in order expand a product line.
  • Decide the best type of sales organization to use in overseas markets.
  • And much more!

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